Monday, 19 May 2014

Infinity limousine in Ottawa

I drove the most beautiful couple in 7 years they booked the limousine with us and Tom proposed in the limo. That was very different. When Tom called he told me to put flawors in the limo I did. And when I picked him up in the limousine Sara was like oh my GOD what a nice limo. So she did't know that TOM is going to put the ring on her finger in the limo. So I was driving the Limousine and was exided to see if she will say yes. Lol. I would of felt bad for him renting a limo and all that work and saying no. It's would of been bad. So Tom in the limo pulled the bell. And All I heard was Sara crying. So me driving the limousine. I was very nervous for Tom. And the bell was going crazy. I am in the limo and was like wow that is so nice to see she said yes. As a limo Owner you never know what can happen. You can visit our website 

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