Thursday, 19 June 2014

Infinity limousine

We don't only drive limousines we also write poems. Here's 1 we would like to share with all the people that love poems.

Your so cold like I was told. But I still had to hold. I thought you would change but is was like someone in a cadge. you made me age. I learned a lot like water boling in a pot. I burned my hands but I no were we stand. Iam glad your gone please go for long cause I have to write a song. And now I can sing my angel picked me up with her wings.  I am flying in the sky and I have no fear to die. But your  sitting on the other side your trying to hide. You like to lie but at the end you will cry.  you always called me Hun I just wanted to have fun . Let me go on my date don't hate I have a smile people see it from a mile you made me feel like I am in he'll now Iam back in my shell. Your so insecure that's why your not pure get some help maybe theres a cure then you can be sure. You cross my mind but I push you to the side. I wasted time but ill always shine. 


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