Thursday, 19 June 2014

Infinity limousine

Here's another poem from Infinity Limousine enjoy. 

I thought your my life but it turned out your just a knife. And it's so sharp it can take a life. And you say you wanted to be my wife. I new from the start you had no heart you were fake like a snake and I made a mistake to take you out on the first date but I wasent thinking you thought I was sinking. But you were wrong cause I am strong. My head is to big I would make you sink and not even have to think. You always tried to put me down but ill always were the crown. Don't think I am sad or mad I am glad. I moved on so fast. You love drama go to your mama sorry I don't have time cause I have to shine. You think your good looking its ok honey I have something else cooking. You always talk about your looks they don't mean anything in my books. If your not pure you will never be sure. Remember I am the king and i will always sing but your weren't my other wing. We had a good time but now I have to say good by. No lie I feel sky high if I stayed I would of wanted to die.please go your nothing but a show.  I am so happy your off my back now i can count my stacks. Go play in the hay but don't play with jay cause you no he has lots to say.i wish you the best this was a test and now I am living the best and who cares about the rest

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